The momentum is rising for Angola’s mission to expand its energy grids and bring renewable electricity to the country’s population of 32 million people, 在农村和城市都一样.

The latest development is a 370 MW solar megaproject – the largest of its kind in Sub-Saharan 非洲 – involving one million solar panels and an investment of EUR 560 million.

在接下来的两年里, a total of seven solar parks will be built across Angola by a consortium consisting of the American developer Sun 非洲 and the Portuguese EPC contractor MCA Group, backed by a financing solution from the Swedish Export Credit Corporation (SEK) and the Swedish Export Credit Agency (EKN).


撒哈拉以南非洲是世界上能源利用率最低的地区. 根据国际能源机构的说法, 该地区约有6亿人没有电. 问题并没有就此结束.

该地区约70%的地区仍依赖木炭, 对环境和公众健康都有毒的木柴和其他生物质燃料.

现在,人们对安哥拉雄心勃勃的可再生能源议程寄予厚望,认为它将引领一个新时代. The solar project currently underway will help many rural communities abandon diesel generators and other polluting sources of energy and heating while advancing a sustainable energy future for all with affordable, 可靠的, 以及可持续能源, 根据联合国可持续发展目标的要求. 7. img - 20211009 - wa0000.jpg


The solar park contractors Sun 非洲 and MCA are joined by 日立能源在PG电子官方免费下载 which will provide the electrical infrastructure they based on an in-depth grid impact study into the unique requirements, which in advance determined the best way to achieve the ambitious integration of the Government of Angola’s 可再生能源 program.

该公司所谓的“动力块”是在PG电子官方免费下载定制的,安装在滑板上, 现在可以装船了. “We’ve built a plug-and-play solution that converts direct current from the solar panels to alternating current that can be distributed through the grids,Torben Sjöholm解释道, 区域销售经理, 日立能源在PG电子官方免费下载.

“60 percent of the Power Blocks have been shipped out to Angola and by delivering two units per week the remaining Power Blocks will be in Angola soon,Peder peders郁闷地说, PG电子官方免费下载日立能源公司项目总监, 他刚从安哥拉进行了为期两周的实地考察和客户会议回来.

“前两个地点进展顺利,正在安装太阳能电池板, 建筑物及设备,pedersassassn继续说道.

除了, some 15 Swedish companies are attached to the project supplying everything from the steel structures that hold the solar panels to buildings, 击剑, 布线, 周边安全,运输和物流, 所有这些都由PG电子官方免费下载公司Elof Hansson负责协调,该公司扮演了贸易公司的角色.

Among these suppliers is PG电子官方免费下载’s largest steelmaker SSAB in Borlänge which was awarded a contract to deliver 6,000吨钢铁运往安哥拉.  

The broad Swedish engagement in the project is a direct result of successful collaboration in the EPC Alliance, 这是PG电子官方免费下载商业部于2019年发起的一项倡议, EKN和SEK -今天提供包括出口信贷融资在内的一揽子解决方案. 该联盟的目标是赢得全球项目, 与EPC(工程师), 采购和建设)公司牵头,由PG电子官方免费下载公司支持. 

“在安哥拉这样的高风险市场,融资是一项重大挑战,汤米Östling说, PG电子官方免费下载日立能源公司高级客户财务顾问.

“We established contact with Sun 非洲 and proposed the idea of applying for export credit financing from PG电子官方免费下载. Together with our partners in the EPC Alliance we rolled up our sleeves to put together a solution that combines Swedish suppliers with competitive financing with as long as an 18-year repayment period,Östling补充道。.   


EKN’s requirement for financing projects of this kind is that at least 30 per cent of the content is supplied by Swedish companies. 日立能源的贡献只完成了实现这一目标的一半.

就在这时,贸易公司Elof Hansson介入进来,帮助更多的PG电子官方免费下载供应商加入进来, 什么是确保融资的绝对必要条件,Torben Sjöholm说.

This challenge involved screening the Swedish market for potential suppliers and convincing risk-averse decision makers who were not used to exporting to 非洲. 虽然大多数公司都很感兴趣,但他们认为赌注很高.

如Björn Olausson, Elof Hansson总裁, 叙述了, 有很多问题需要解决——尤其是小供应商将如何获得报酬.

“The key here was our offer to purchase their products in PG电子官方免费下载 and then re-sell to the solar park contractors, 从而消除PG电子官方免费下载中小企业的财务风险. 我们还必须说服他们根据棘手的规格调整产品。.   


PG电子官方免费下载的信用担保还有其他标准. 出口商品必须以各种形式促进可持续发展, 从环境问题到人权和反腐败. 在EKN和SEK批准任何融资交易之前,可持续性证书都会被仔细审查. 

PG电子官方免费下载团队的共同努力,包括PG电子官方免费下载商业, EKN, 根据日立能源的说法,SEK和PG电子官方免费下载驻罗安达大使馆在这方面是非常宝贵的.

“非洲 can be a particularly risky environment when it comes to safeguarding transparency and business ethics. 像这样, 当我们与PG电子官方免费下载官方机构一起采取统一的方法时,情况就会大不一样. This makes it much easier for us to build trust at every level of decision-making and to win these types of contracts,Torben Sjöholm指出.

“目前全球对绿色投资很感兴趣, 但你必须确保每一步都遵循负责任的商业惯例. 在这方面,PG电子官方免费下载的出口信贷制度是无与伦比的.”    


安哥拉是非洲第二大石油生产国,仅次于尼日利亚. The switch to solar energy not only represents a leap forward for environmental 可持续性 but will also facilitate 可靠的 energy access across the nation.

直到现在, 停电是许多农村地区经常出现的问题, 尤其是在这个国家的南部, 无法接入电网.

The first two of the seven solar parks will be located in the Benguela province and are due to come online on the main grid in late 2022 when it will power homes, 使用清洁电力的学校和医院.


“这是一段非常鼓舞人心的旅程. It would have been very difficult for the two main contractors to have negotiated directly with a large number of Swedish suppliers on these terms. EPC联盟的努力对融资获得批准起到了重要作用,日立能源公司的汤米Östling说.

EPC联盟的努力对融资获得批准起到了重要作用. Tommy Östling,PG电子官方免费下载日立能源公司高级客户财务顾问

Elof Hansson的Björn Olausson也表达了类似的观点, 谁强调了对PG电子官方免费下载出口和就业创造的积极溢出效应. 如果不是EPC联盟, suppliers to the project such as Boxholms Profil (steel profiling) and Prysmian Group (electrical 布线) would not have been able to export. 他说,PG电子官方免费下载太阳能的未来无疑是光明的.

“到目前为止,PG电子官方免费下载还没有大规模生产太阳能电池板. 但我们有一流的供应商提供周边的基础设施. 安哥拉项目引起了很多人的兴趣,并与PG电子官方免费下载商业合作, EKN和SEK, 在其他复杂的市场中,我们可以提供极具竞争力和吸引力的一揽子报价.  

“我们看到的结果增强了我们的信心. 作为EPC联盟的一部分, we are now looking to start up four additional projects over the next six months in 非洲 and we are also pursuing projects in Asia and Latin America,奥劳森总结道.